How to Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping: 7 Best Natural Treatments

Are you dealing with lower back pain? If it will make you feel any better, you’re in popular company. It can be difficult getting some sleep with this severe back pain. That is why we have come up with some ways you can relieve lower back pain naturally so you can get some quality sleep.

Research findings according to the Global Burden Disease show that lower back pain is the biggest issue causing disability all over the world.

The natural remedies for lower back pain we are going to present to you will work best if your case is not a chronic one.


Causes of Lower Back Pain

Not all lower back pains are caused by arthritis or cancer.

In fact, in most cases, they are caused by stress, poor posture, and other unhealthy lifestyles habits.

Poor sleep postures too can cause strain on your spine which can result in back pains.

Funny enough, certain sleeping positions, some of which we will share with you, can give you lower back pain relief.



How to Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping: 7 Best Natural Treatment



Lower Back Pain Symptoms

The most common symptom of lower back pain is obviously in its name.

However, there are other signs that can indicate this ailment.

Pains while bending, lifting, or walking can be another symptom to pay attention to.

Another one can be a stabbing pain radiating down your leg.

When you feel these sensations, you can tell it is an onset of lower back pain.

Fortunately, most cases of this issue leave by themselves or with lower back pain relief products.



How to Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping: 7 Best Natural Treatment

There are different approaches to lower back pain treatment.

We are sure that’s why you’re here. Some of them will show you how to relieve lower back pain fast.

We know you must be itching to learn about them so we won’t keep you any longer.

Without further ado, let’s get on with them.



1. Sleeping Posture for Back Pain Relief

How you lie down often affects your spine.

If your posture puts your spine in an awkward position, it can cause you pains.


Sleeping Posture for Lower Back Pain Relief at Home



However, if lying down the right way can have a reverse effect of healing.

The sleeping position we want to share with you will help you relieve lower back pain.


Lying on your back can be uncomfortable for some people.

If you fall into that category, you can try this posture.

Lie on either side ensuring your shoulder makes contact with the mattress.

Place a pillow between your knees to keep them apart.( There are some commanded pillows for back pain, check them out here)


If there is space between your waist and the bed, you can use a small pillow or roll up a blanket for support.


  • Lay on your Stomach for  Lower Back Pain Relief

You might have heard that this sleeping posture is not good for back pain.

That is only true to some extent because it could put a strain on your neck.

However, if you find some comfort sleeping this way, there is no reason not to.

You can make things better by putting a pillow under your abdomen.

This will take away some of the pressure off your spine. If you feel discomfort in your neck, you might want to lose the pillow.



Sleep on your Back


This position is ideal to relieve lower back pain.

Just lay flat on your back and place a pillow underneath your knees.

The pillow helps you maintain the curve in your spine to keep its natural alignment.



5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home



5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home - How to Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping: 7 Best Natural Treatment



This can easily pass for lower back pain relief exercises.

Yoga is a form of exercise anyway.

Apart from the pain relief, you will get, there are more benefits that result from practicing yoga.



1. Triangle Pose

This yoga pose for lower back pain is great for people who spend a lot of time sitting.

It stretches the Quadratus Lumborum, the muscles beside your spine, which cause lower back pain.

It causes lower back pain when it does not get stretched enough.


5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home


Here is how to do it:

  • Stand with your feet wide apart.
  • Your right toes should be pointing to the side while the left toes are pointing in front of you.
  • Now lean from your waist to the right side with your right hand stretched down beneath you till your fingers touch the floor.
  • Raise your left hand to the sky so that both arms form a straight line.
  • Maintain this position for a minute before switching to the other side.

By the time you are done, you will definitely feel your muscles thanking you for the good stretch.



2. Upward Facing Dog

This yoga pose for lower back pain really works because it stretches your spine, hamstring, and releases tense shoulder muscles.

This is fairly easy to do as it does not require any bending or folding.



5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home




Here is how to do it:

  • Lie chest down on the floor and prop yourself up with your outstretched arms.
  • With this, your chest and most part of your stomach will not be touching the floor.
  • Now with a good stretch of your neck, turn your face directly upward.
  • Don’t stretch your neck in isolation, stretch it along with the rest of your spine.
  • Maintain this pose for 1 to 2 minutes.



3. The Child Pose for Back Pain Relief

This yoga pose for lower back pain can be relaxing. Try not to fall asleep when doing it.

This is an effective yoga sequence for lower back pain because it stretches your spine and keeps it in alignment.


5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home


Here is how to do it:

  • Get on your knees letting the length of your lower leg down to your feet lay on the ground.
  • Now, lower your torso until it is resting on your laps.
  • Inhale and stretch out your arms in front of you. Let your forehead be rested on the floor.
  • Try stretching your spine and your neck.
  • Don’t overdo it so you don’t hurt yourself.
  • You are going to maintain this position for a while, about 3 minutes.
  • By the time you are done, you will feel the effect on your muscles.


4. The Sphinx  Yoga Pose

If you can imagine the Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, you won’t have a problem figuring out how to do this pose.

This yoga pose does not take much to do. You won’t even be stretching much.

This is an ideal pose to relieve lower back pain that even an elderly person can do and quickly benefit from.


5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home


Here is how to do it:

  • Lie on your chest on the floor or on your yoga mat.
  • Stretch out your leg down to your feet and let them relax.
  • Now prop yourself up on your forearms.
  • Try to face forward with your upper torso as much as you can.
  • Maintain this pose and breathe comfortably for about one minute.

That’s it. With consistency, this lower back pain stretches will loosen the muscles causing you the relief you desire.



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5. The Cat/Cow Pose

This is a yoga pose for lower back pain and sciatica that involves movement.

It is essentially the combination of two yoga asanas, the cat and the cow poses.


5 Easy Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief at Home



How to do it:

  • Get on all fours, hands, and knees, stable on the floor. Stretch your feet out at the back.
  • When you inhale, push your ribcage outward causing your chest to push forward.
  • In this same movement, your tailbone should be shooting upward too. This is the cow pose.
  • When you exhale, arch your back while tucking your chest in.
  • Your head should drop downwards at this point too. This is the cat pose
  • Continue alternating between these poses in sync with your breath.
  • Do this for about 5 to 7 breaths.
  • Kindly note that your torso is the only part of your body that should ideally be moving.
  • Try not to lean nor bend your elbows.






How to Relieve Lower Back Pain While Sleeping: 7 Best Natural Treatment



 How to Relieve Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Having lower back pains is common during pregnancy, especially within the first trimester.

The ligaments in your body become strong and stretch in preparedness for labor.

This can put a strain on your pelvis and back which causes the pain.

Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid the severity of the pain or to relieve it when it occurs.



maternity support pillow


Below are some of them.

  • Keep your back supported and straight when sitting. You can use a maternity support pillow for this.
  • Use a mattress that properly supports your body.
  • If you find that the one you have is too soft, you can place a hardboard beneath it to make it firmer.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Wear mainly flat shoes so your weight can be evenly distributed.
  • You can do some prenatal yoga that will relieve you of the lower back pain.




When it comes to sleeping to relieve lower back pain, you need to understand that alignment is the main thing.

Whichever sleeping position you find comfortable, be sure that your shoulder, hips, and ears are aligned.

Keeping your spine in as close to its natural position as possible matters.

Turning in bed can put you out of alignment.

So, whenever you’re doing that, be sure to move your whole body along.

Pulling your knees close to your chest as you move can maintain your alignment and relieve your lower back pain while sleeping.

If you have, any question. Please, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below. 

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